Saturday, November 23, 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

In this scent journey workshop, we will learn about the properties of essential oils and how to blend them.

With access to the same 20 essential oils, each individual will create a unique scent that resonates with them – body, mind and soul. This will result in a roll-on perfume that you create yourself for yourself – or you can create a very unique gift for someone special.

You will learn how essential oils are classified into categories: citrus, earthy, floral, herbal, minty, spicy, and woody, so that you can determine what you want out of your scent. Each essential oil is also classified as a top, middle, or base note and, from there, you will learn a few basic blending techniques and dilution ratios with carrier oils. Test your recipe and adjust until you find what you are looking for.

Leave this workshop with a completely natural, chemical-free scent in a glass roller bottle – unique to only you.

Each individual will receive a client information card with their personal roll-on perfume recipe. Bring your roller bottle back to Stellar Ground and your perfume will be refilled for you for a cost of $20.

All supplies and packaging included.

About Stellar Ground

Stellar Ground is made of plants and inspired change. Our mission is to create the highest quality, organically grown, and wild-crafted herbal products that provide powerful remedy for the body, mind and soul. We are committed to education, sharing knowledge, and passion for the spirit, energetics, and power of plants. A deep spiritual connection to this place, this valley and its wildness, its beauty, its aroma, its abundance and its energy is at our core. The experience of this valley is to be shared with others as they carry with them a piece of this place. We believe that our work can inspire and revive the love of herbs, food as medicine, and a respect for the land. It is our hope that we can improve the physical, energetic, and spiritual health of this planet and its people.

Our small-batch, organically grown, wild-crafted products, made with love and care, nourish the body, mind, and soul. We believe we can establish a connection with the healing power of plants in all people. Stellar Ground is a small company based in the Okanagan Valley in the city of Penticton, BC, Canada that has respect for our customers, our community, and our environment.