OWL (Okanagan-South Writers’ League) Meeting, Wednesday January 16

OWL Meeting at the Shatford Centre – 6.30 to 8.30 pm

Important Meeting!  We need your input!  Please attend if possible!


– information from Chute Lake Lodge on the possibility of having writer’s retreats at their location!

– other useful information about events, etc.

– presentation by Aggie Stevens (host of Aggie’s Writers on Peach City Radio) on how to set up an email list newsletter for your author’s website/blog, in order to improve your marketing and increase your audience (and sell more books, of course!)

– read aloud by writers: please follow these instructions:

– maximum two pages, double-spaced, Times New Romans 12 font size. PLEASE RESPECT THESE RULES! We need a fair amount of time for each reading and feedback. Thank you!

– if you need to provide “background information” prepare it ahead of time; no more than one minute

– if you want specific kinds of feedback (for example, about character development or pacing or whatever), please let us know so we can pay particular attention to that

– if you’d like really valuable feedback, bring along a dozen or so photocopies of your reading piece. Then people can follow along and make notes/comments on the sheets. After the oral feedback, you can collect the sheets and have all that written feedback to study and use at home!

– if you plan to read, please contact Norma nlhills@shaw.ca   People who reserve reading time will get first chance to read.

– planning discussion about future OWL meetings, location, cost, activities at meetings, mini-group meetings, etc.

– the “networking” session at the end will only be about 10 to 15 minutes this time.

If you can’t attend, but have input about the future of OWL, please email your ideas to Norma nlhills@shaw.ca  by Tuesday, January 15th. Thanks!

Shatford Centre / OSArts

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