Yasodhara Yoga with Swami Satyananda

Swami Satyananda invites you to workshops offering you the foundations of Yasodhara Yoga. The workshop will incorporate yogic practices: breath, relaxation, visualization, mantra, and reflection.

Wisdom Choices
Thursday, October 25, 1-5 pm
Location: Shatford Centre, 760 Main St.
Cost: $80
Give yourself the gift of time and space to connect with your inner wisdom. By listening to this wise part of ourselves, we can access our learning and acknowledge the challenges and victories. Gathering the wisdom of our experiences we can then ask: How do I want to create my life now? Where do I want to direct my energy?
Bring a journal, yoga mat and blanket and wear comfortable clothes.

Mantra Yoga – Words of Power
Friday October 26, 7 – 9 pm
Location: Little School House, 1898 Brandon Lane.
Cost: $40

Mantras are words of power that have been chanted or recited for thousands of years. In Sanskrit, mantra means “the thought that liberates and protects.” Through the practice of Mantra Yoga the mind becomes still, opening to inner sources of energy and healing. Through this practice concentration is cultivated, bringing a deep sense of peace and joy. Bring a journal and pen.

Breath: The Invisible Work
Saturday, October 27, 1- 5 pm
Location: Kelowna Yoga House, 1272 St Paul St.
Cost: $80

Breath is always available. Breathing with awareness allows us to connect to a natural rhythm and harmony in the universe. Using Yoga practices focused on breath, explore how to move through life from a balanced, centered place within allowing clarity and wisdom to emerge.
Bring a yoga mat, blanket, journal & pen.

Take the first three workshops for $175.
To register for any or all the above workshops:  https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/yoga-an-invitation-inward-swami-satyananda-in-the-okanagan-oct-25-27-tickets-50044049098

Awakening to Wisdom
Sunday, October 28, 1-3:30
Inner Light Yoga and Wellness, 2807 44th Ave.
Cost: $40 + GST
Register: http://www.innerlightyoga.info or at the studio

Open up a dialogue with your unconscious mind by exploring your own personal symbolism through dreams. Learn the language of your unconscious and find answers to the compelling questions in your life. Bring a journal and written dream. Bring a journal and written dream.

Hosted by Yasodhara Yoga Okanagan

Registration and information:
Email: Elizabeth.m@yasodharayoga.org

Phone: 250-769-7291
Sliding Scale Available


Swami Satyananda is a long-time teacher and resident of Yasodhara Ashram. She finds joy in sharing our practices and providing space for people to connect with their own inner wisdom.

Come Visit the Pen High Alumni Exhibition at the Shatford Centre

The Pen High Alumni Exhibition, featuring Pen High grads from the 1960s through to 2018, kicked off with a reception on September 13th and will run until October 31st at the Shatford Centre.

Special thanks to the artists for their submissions: Jeanette Beaven, Bonny Billups, Tovie Green, Allison Howard, Ryan Konno, Heather Lieskovsky, Viv McElgunn-Lieskovsky, Bobi McMillan, Melanie Mehrer, Debbi Mustard, Ben/Dennis Nielsen, Vicki Nielsen, Lynn O’Brien, Emma Reiter, Janice Sich, Dona Smithson, Linda Swales, Marjolein Witteman Thompson, Deb Tougas, Ron Tuck, Julia Veiddt and Annette Witteman.

The Shatford Centre is located at 760 Main Street.


‘Adventures Into Linocut’ With Melanie Mehrer, Starts October 6th

Adventures into Linocut with Melanie Mehrer, will be offered starting October 6th at the Shatford Centre.

The course will take place for six Saturday mornings.

It includes: design: designing an effective image to get the most from your linocut; thinking creatively
within the boundaries of the process
-cutting: creative mark-making; cutting cleanly and safely; maintenance skills
-printing: inking the block; different inking approaches; hand burnishing prints effectively
-general: preparing lino; what to look for in paper and ink; how to edition prints; hints and tips
about lino printing and choosing tools, etc.

Full course fee is $300 plus a $60 material fee to be paid to the instructor the first day of course.

OSA members pay $290 plus materials (call the office to receive your discount).

Drop-in (requires pre-registration and payment) is $55 plus a $10 material fee paid to instructor on the day of course.

OSA members pay $50 plus materials (call the office to receive your discount)

For more information, go here


Almost Ready for the 50th Reunion for Pen High’s Class of 1968

Rick Gartrell, Bruce Kay and Harry Konkin put finishing touches on the ‘Home Room’ which will be installed this week at the Shatford Centre. There will be a stereo record player, bulletin boards, memorabilia, comfy chairs and vintage decor.

The Meet and Greet, Homecoming Dinner and Dance and the Farewell Breakfast will all be held at the Shatford Centre.

This reunion will be the last of five that have been held at the Shatford Centre: 1958, 1968, 1978, 1998 and 2008! The Shatford Centre is an ideal facility for returning students to remember their school years together!

Naramata Scottish Country Dancers on Wednesdays – You’re Invited!

Scottish Country Dancing 

Janice Johnson, past-president writes:

Five years ago I was invited to try Scottish Country Dancing.  I had no idea what it was, but the person inviting said it was a lot of fun. Being that fun was on the top of my list, I decided to try.

Newcomers are welcome to try out the first two classes in September, the start of each dance season, and at my first class, my feet were not quite doing what others were, but I was reassured the feet will follow, and sure enough they did.

The weekly two hour dance session turned out to be more rewarding than I could have imagined, with brain memory and coordination much improved.

I have just finished my term as President of our group – where our job is mainly to plan our two social  gatherings (one in the winter and one in the summer).  We dance, share food, and being there are musicians in the group, we enjoy singing together (even those of us (moi) who lack  in that department…. but it is all about fun).

Twice a year we carpool to Okanagan Landing and dance on a Saturday with the Kelowna and Vernon Groups. More fun with nice people, and more sharing food.

Partners are not required as each dance set we change partners.

If you like to travel, there are many groups in various cities throughout the world, 400 to be exact, with over 5000 dance variations. A member from the Kootenay group while visiting her daughter in Japan, decided to drop in to the group there.  Even though none of the dancers spoke English, all the dance routines and set terms were spoken in English, and are the same throughout the world.  She said she had a blast.

The membership fee appealed to my tight budget at $175 per dance year (30 classes), Sept.12 to Dec. 5 (13 sessions) and Jan.2 to April 24 (17 sessions).  Each week our wonderful instructor forwards us the following week dances along with You Tube links.  We don’t memorize them, as we do a walk through before dancing each set. If you are curious, what Scottish Dancing is, do a You Tube search, Penticton Scottish Country Dance and view the 3 dance sets our group performed at the Penticton Scottish Festival.

Well, I am now going into my 6th year and I am still having fun.  Just as I was invited years ago to try, I am now inviting you to come to a class on Wednesdays which starts at 7:00 pm and end at 9:00pm, at the Shatford Centre. Bring soft soled shoes, or jazz slippers if you have them.  The drop-in cost is $10,  which is deducted from the membership cost should you decide to join.  Hope to see you there.

Penticton Tune-Agers at the Shatford Centre – Would You Like to Join?

Do you like to sing or play an instrument?  Are you interested in joining a group?  Tune-Agers are looking for new members.

Who are we?  Singers and musicians age 50+

Conductor:  Nick Kelly

Weekly Practices:

Choir                Tuesdays 9.30 am, starting September 11

Orchestra       Thursdays 10 am, starting September 13

Where?  Shatford Centre, 760 Main Street

2018/2019 Concert Dates:

Christmas concerts – Friday, November 30th @ 2 pm and Sunday, December 1st @ 2 pm

At the Shatford Centre

Spring concerts – March 30th and 31st, 2019


Contact – Nick at 250-462-7052 (orchestra) call/text or Nora at 250-462-3080 (choir) call/text

Volunteer Opportunities at the Shatford Centre

The Okanagan School of the Arts (OSA) operates the Shatford Centre as a vibrant community centre. With over 30,000 visitors and hundreds of events each year, it is a busy place.

OSA is undergoing a transition, including implementing a more sustainable business plan for the Shatford Centre to ensure it can continue to meet the needs of our communities into the future. During the transition, the board of directors and staff have extra work that must be done.

As a result, OSA is seeking volunteers to help with basic tasks during the transition period, September to November 2018, such as janitorial cleaning, reception support and the many event management and administration tasks that are essential to hosting events at the Shatford.

Desired skills, experience and availability include ability to work with minimal supervision, knowledge of one or more of the following: janitorial/cleaning services, reception services and event management/administration support.

The Shatford’s  hours of operation range from 7 am to 11 pm.

For more information or to express interest in volunteering, please contact: Louise Punnett, Okanagan School of the Arts, volunteer coordinator and member of the board of directors, at 250-492-5711, 250-488-6709 or email: louisejpunnett@gmail.com

Okanagan Vintage Fair in October

The Okanagan Vintage Fair will be held at the Parkinson Rec Centre in Kelowna on Saturday, October 6th and at the Shatford Centre on October 13th.

Clothing, collectibles, jewelry, small furniture and crafts will be available for the sale at the events, from 10 am to 3 pm, both days.

Entry fee is $2.

For vendor inquiries, email okanaganvintagefair@gmail.com

For more information, go here

Pillars of Painting with Angie McIntosh, Autumn 2018

Pillars of Painting with Angie McIntosh is being offered October 26th, 27th and 28th at the Shatford Centre.

Come and learn some of the key elements and techniques for painting in acrylics.

The introductory course is suitable for those wanting to learn a standard method of painting, using the important basics like tonal value, colour use and design and it will show how a simple process and a few general ideas can make painting fun.

Students whether they are new to painting or have some experience will get ideas and tips that will make painting a joy whether working from life or a photo.  Class size is limited.

There will be an opportunity to go ‘plein air’ painting with Angie the day following the workshop.

Cost is $300.

There is an OSA Membership price of $280. You are welcome to apply for a bursary if needed to take this class. Bursary application forms at the Okanagan School of the Arts’ office.

For more information, go here